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What’s the secret to winning at a casino? The answer is simple: there isn’t one. If you’re losing, it means that you are playing against an experienced dealer who knows all of their cards and has memorized every possible outcome. More than likely, they also know what type of player you are so they can easily manipulate your bets in their favor. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how casinos work and why people keep losing money.

You keep losing at the casino because casinos are designed to take your money. The dealer is trained by professionals who will teach them how to look and act in order to draw people into their games. One of those things that they do regularly is cheat, but there’s a way for players to spot it before it happens. Since we’re playing cards here, let’s talk about Blackjack first: If you notice that all of your face cards have been dealt within the first ten hands or so, then you should fold immediately as this means someone has probably marked those cards somehow (either with chemicals on their fingers or an ink stamp) so they know what each card holds whenever one gets played onto the table. On top of marking starting cards, dealers will also stack the deck in their favor by dealing from the bottom (or top) so that they can see what card is coming next- again, something you can look out for.

In Roulette, casinos use a technique called ‘The Fibonacci System’. This system exploits how humans tend to make decisions based on previous losses or wins. The theory goes like this: after consecutive losses, we tend to bet more aggressively as we hope to win back our money as quickly as possible. Conversely, after winning several times in a row, many players will start betting smaller amounts thinking that they’re “due” for a loss soon. Casinos take advantage of this by increasing the odds on bets following a series of losses (thus making

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