Top 15 Richest Gamblers in the World The Ultimate List of the Most Successful Players of Today

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We all know that gambling can be somewhat of a gamble. But some people have mastered the art and science of making money on games of chance, and they are raking in millions doing it. In this post we will look at 15 gamblers who have successfully turned their casino winnings into fortunes, and became today’s richest gamblers!

The first name on our list is the man who has won more money than any other gambler in history, and that’s American William “Bill” Walters. Back in the 1970s he was a securities trader with Merrill Lynch when one day an old friend of his told him about blackjack card counting as a means to make easy money at casinos. Bill took this tip from his friend to heart and started learning everything there is about gambling strategy until finally becoming an expert at it himself. He then moved to Las Vegas where he used his knowledge for over 30 years, earning well over $50 million! Today, 78 year-old Bill lives comfortably off interest earnings from all those winnings which have been s away into various savings accounts and investment vehicles.

Coming in at number two on our list is another American, and this time it’s hedge fund manager John Paulson. In 2006 he made a fortune betting against the US housing market, and then turned his attention to gambling where he has since earned an estimated $15-20 billion! Much of this was won in 2012 when he took home over $200 million from a series of high stakes poker games. Unlike Bill Walters however, John Paulson doesn’t enjoy spending his money as much as he likes winning it and so you’ll rarely find him out partying or enjoying any luxury items. He does have one indulgence though – a really nice wine collection!

At number three we have yet another American, casino owner Sheldon

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