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In the sport of tennis, there are a number of rules that need to be followed. The most important rule is that you can’t hit the ball twice in a row. Another rule is that players alternate hitting the ball from one side of the court to another. In this blog post, we will explore some other common rules and strategies for playing tennis!

-No two consecutive hits of the ball.

-Players alternate hitting from one side to another after every point is scored.

-If a player wins more than three points in a row, then that player gets to serve again (winners and losers of each point change throughout the game).

-When you hit the ball at an opponent’s court lines or out on the field, your opponents will get “one” point added to their score. If they make it into your net or if you miss it completely however, no additional points are given for those mistakes!

-It is illegal to get more than one ball in your hand at a time. If you are caught with more than one ball, or if you intentionally drop the second catchable ball on purpose, then that counts as an additional “out” for you!

Player’s may not touch the net during play. Also, players can’t put anything into their pockets while they’re playing tennis either. And lastly – when serving, players must release the service overhand and behind them before crossing through the court lines! The server also has two chances to make it good by hitting within those first two serves (if they should miss once however… no matter). Even though there are these rules of how to serve properly in Tennis – some people

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