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We all know that in mathematics, you can’t have a number less than zero. But what do you do when the cards are dealt out and it’s time to count? Counting cards without using negative numbers is possible! In this article we will go over two different techniques for counting cards without negatives.

If you are only trying to learn how to count cards without using negative numbers for one game, it is possible that students may need more than just the two techniques in this article. There are many different factors behind card counting and knowing what types of decks will work best with each technique might help improve your chances at winning big! If you would like an easy way to track all of these statistics, check out our post on how we recommend Casino Grade – a free webapp for tracking games and strategies.

The first technique for counting cards without negative numbers is called the “unit system.” In this approach, you assign a numerical value to each card in the deck. The ace is worth one point, the two through ten are worth face value, and the jack, queen and king (J,Q,K) are each worth ten points. With this method, once you have counted how many cards of a certain rank are left in the deck, you simply multiply that number by the value of that card. For example: if there are six twos remaining in the deck, then you would multiple six by two to get twelve. So with this technique, your running total will always be positive!

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