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In this competitive industry, it’s inevitable that people would be tempted to cheat and bend the rules in order to win. But is a slot game actually able to be fixed so you always lose no matter how good your gambling skills are? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular slots out there today and see if their returns have been altered for maximum profit. In one study from 2014, researchers monitored over six thousand spins on IGTs Cleopatra II slot machine as part of an investigation into whether or not payouts were being manipulated via software updates. They found that overall results from those spins corroborated with expectations based purely on random chance – suggesting the slot game was not rigged.

However, slot machines are designed to make money for the casino over time and some players believe that casinos can use software updates to change payout percentages on a whim. So while it’s unlikely that your slot game is rigged in your favour, there’s always the potential for casino shenanigans that could see you walking away with less cash than you should have. If you’re really concerned about the odds of winning at slots, it might be worth looking into playing table games instead – where the house edge is usually lower. But if you’re just out for a bit of fun and don’t mind potentially losing some cash, then slot games remain a great option!

So do slot games have an element of chance or are

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