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Counting cards in poker is a skill that takes practice, but can be done if you follow these 9 tips.

1) Know the deck composition- what are the odds of getting dealt certain hands? This will determine your strategy. For example, if there are more Aces in the deck than any other card, then you should bet on high card hands like “Ace High”.

2) Develop an average to use for betting- how much money should I wager when I get dealt certain hands? If you know how many times out of 100 deals one would expect to see a specific hand (say 2), then divide that by two and then multiply it by how much money they want to bet per deal (say $.50). So if they want to bet $0.50 when they have that hand, they would wager $0.25.


-Practice counting cards in different scenarios- with different numbers of decks, and against different opponents who may or may not be aware you’re counting.

-Keep track of the “count” as you go- this is simply a running tally of how many high value cards (tens and above) are left in the deck. As the count goes down, so too does your odds of hitting a high card hand.

-Watch for tells from other players- behaviors like betting big on low hands early in a game could suggest that they’re trying to lure you into a trap.

-Don’t get too cocky when counting cards- even with the odds in your favor, it’s still possible for someone else at the table to have a great hand and beat you!

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