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– It was originally designed to protect the underdog –

The handicap betting system is a way to make sure that the odds are always in your favour. This article will discuss how handicap betting can help you win more money when betting on football games, which is what it was designed for. We’ll also talk about the advantages of using this type of betting system, and why people love it so much!

– It helps even out an unbalanced game

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– It gives you a better chance of winning

When it comes to handicap betting in football, the aim is always to give yourself the best possible chance of coming out on top. The beauty of this system is that it levels the playing field, making it far more likely that you’ll win your bet – no matter who’s playing.

– You can use it to bet  winning and losing team

One of the great things about handicap betting is that you can use it to bet on either the winning or losing team. This means that even if you’re not sure who’s going to win, you can still place a bet and make some money.

– It gives you more options

When betting on football games, having as many options as possible is always a good thing. With handicap betting, you have more options than ever before, which makes it easier to find bets that are right for you.

– You can make money from both winning and losing teams

Another advantage of using handicap betting in football is that you can make money from both the winning andon both the

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